The Simple Fall Alert Pager – lets a nearby family, friend, or caretaker know when someone requires help

The Simple Fall Alert Pager (available here) is your perfect answer if you want to have your very own easy to use emergency pager where you can use it anytime you need help.

This wearable alert pager is unique because it sends emergency signals to anyone nearby including your family, your friend or even your caretaker notifying them that you need their help, that’s definitely to provide family members with an extra piece of mind just in case.

Simple Fall Alert Pager

The Simple Fall Alert Pager

Perfect for anyone who lives alone, the alert pager works simply by pressing the button where once pressed, it will then send a signal to the pager carrier that you who is wearing the emergency pager needs assistance.

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Simple Fall Alert Pager1

The Simple Fall Alert Pager is water resistant so wearers can use it anytime anywhere even while taking a shower and best of all, because it is very easy to use, owners will not have to worry about any programming, or even learning how to connect to the Internet or Bluetooth.

You can buy the wearable emergency alert pendant for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.