The Shot Improving Basketball – The official Smart Ball of NBA coaches for improving players shooting and ball handling skills

You want to improve your basketball shooting and ball handling skills? Now you can with the Shot Improving Basketball [VIDEO], a uniquely designed official weight and size basketball with integrated motion sensor and Bluetooth communication tools so it can uniquely provide a precise advice on how you can improve your shooting and ball handling skills instantly.

The Shot Improving Basketball is not just one of those ordinary basketball out there because this ball is smart and is capable of sending data immediately to the app straight to your favorite smart phones, iPhone or even in your latest iPad once you start shooting and dribbling.

The Shot Improving Basketball

The Shot Improving Basketball

This smart basketball already includes 50 drills to choose from designed to equipped you with unique practices, it even comes with a real time visual and audio feedback so you can correct your mistakes right away.

The shot improving basketball is also able to detect shot arc angles and backspin perfect for developing softer and more comfortable shooting touch plus it even measures your shooting release speed, dribble force so you can develop a more quick and easy crossovers.

This official smart ball of the NBA coaches even features different drills that increase in difficulty to provide basketball players additional challenges as skills already get better and better.

Watch 94Fifty Smart Basketball in action [HERE].