The Shiatsu Massaging Backrest – helps knead stubborn knots, loosen tense muscles and more

You want to get rid of of your stubborn knots? How about loosening those tense muscles or even improve circulation? Use the Shiatsu Massaging Backrest —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed backrest pillow designed to provide a relaxing shiatsu massage at home.

This backrest pillow is equipped with 6 powerful massage nodes capable of rotating clockwise or counter clockwise perfect for kneading away tense muscles, massage away knots and even help you improve your blood circulation specially in your lumbar and upper back.

The Shiatsu Massaging Backrest

The Shiatsu Massaging Backrest

Thanks to this ergonomically designed pillow uniquely shape so it can effectively create a nice incline position so you can relax while sitting upright in your favorite sofa or bed, it even includes a detachable plush bolster pillow so you also have a perfect support in your neck or even provide back relief.

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The Shiatsu Massaging Backrest 1

The Shiatsu Massaging Backrest has soft polyester backrest and best of all, it has an easy to use button so owners can easily operate and shut down the backrest pillow after every session. Weighs only 5.5lbs and measures only 20.5x20x7 inches in length, width and diameter.

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