The Shiatsu And Vibration Massage Mat – A full-body cushioned mat that delivers Shiatsu massage to the back and an invigorating vibration massage to the upper leg simultaneously

The Shiatsu And Vibration Massage Mat [SOURCE] is perfect for vigorously kneading out muscle stiffness at the back, neck and of course at your aching shoulder simply because this massage mat can simultaneously deliver a nice shiatsu massage at the owner’s back and an effective invigorating vibration that targets upper legs.

The Shiatsu And Vibration Massage Mat

Shiatsu And Vibration Massage Mat

Thanks to this full body cushioned mat’s unique features like 3800rpm vibrating leg massager partnered with fingertip-like nodes capable of rotating smartly around affected areas or better yet, rolling it gently up and down to relax tired muscles.

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The Shiatsu And Vibration Massage Mat 1

This shiatsu and vibration massage mat already includes a tethered controller that allows the owner to easily select different massage types and intensity helping them target problematic area of course with or without heat.

The pad is very light and is upholstered using supple faux leather designed to remain cool every time and best of all, this massage mat already includes an auto shutoff function after 20 minutes of use in order to prevent over treatment.

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