The Sgt. Pepper’s Vinyl Jukebox – A one of a kind jukebox that holds 70 records and plays both A and B sides

This Sgt. Pepper’s Vinyl Jukebox —[SOURCE]— is unique because it holds 70 records and is capable of playing both A and B sides enough to satisfy your Beatles Song craving most specifically the iconic album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band right at the comfort of your own entertainment room.

This Jukebox are decorated just like its iconic album’s sleeve art to provide the perfect 1960s look and feel, and because it is made by the famous manufacturer of vinyl jukeboxes, you can always be sure to enjoy every track by pressing a button or using its included remote.

The Sgt. Pepper's Vinyl Jukebox

The Sgt. Pepper’s Vinyl Jukebox

This jukebox even includes an application where owners have the option to create their very own song title strips, it even allows them to connect other musical devices including your favorite mp3 players via Bluetooth or using its included auxiliary input and output complete with microphone.

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The Sgt. Pepper's Vinyl Jukebox

The Sgt. Pepper’s Vinyl Jukebox already includes an integrated amplifier capable of providing 60w RMS per channel partnered with 5-way speaker system and best of all, it has a rubber casters so owners can easily roll the jukebox anywhere without any problem. Weighs only 264lbs.

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