The Seven Device Charging Hub – A charging hub that powers up to seven USB devices simultaneously

The Seven Device Charging Hub [SOURCE] is designed to charge up to 7 USB powered gadgets all together perfect for getting rid of those extra adapters, excessive cables and of course those bulky power supplies simply because the hub already includes almost all the ports you need so you can charge batteries without worrying about additional power outlets.

The Seven Device Charging Hub is designed to charge any combination of newer or even older gadgets that are USB powered like Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and a lot more, thanks to the hub’s uniquely designed cables capable of providing up to 2.4amps per port, charging your new and old devices are now possible and is now more efficient.

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The Seven Device Charging Hub

The Seven Device Charging Hub

This charging hub already includes a uniquely designed safety feature to assist any connected gadgets the protection they need when charging and best of all, this charging hub only requires small space to eliminate distraction while powering up your devices.

The Seven Device Charging Hub already includes 1 micro-to-usb cable and can be plug directly into an AC outlet.

Check [THIS PAGE] for more important information including its extra cables that are sold separately.

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