The Serious Emergency Floodlight – provides all the tools essential for coexisting with natural disasters

Not satisfied with your ordinary flashlight because it doesn’t have the option to provide other important tools needed especially during natural disasters? Try the Serious Emergency Floodlight —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed flashlight equipped with all the necessary tools designed to help you stay on track specially during disaster.

This floodlight is equipped with LED lights design to illuminate a beam distance of up to 220 meters, enough to provide the perfect lighting needed, it even comes with a LED lantern with 326 lumens so you can send SOS in Morse Code.


Serious Emergency Floodlight

This emergency flashlight can also pulse and flash even in low visibility condition and because it has IPX7 rating, providing up to 3 feet of water resistance will not be a problem partnered with sturdy interior and aircraft aluminum exterior to withstand even on dropping them at 10 feet.

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The Serious Emergency Floodlight already comes with a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 7hrs of highest lumen light and up to 44hrs at low and best of all, it has built-in USB charging protected with end cap that also serves as stable base when used as a lantern. Weighs only 1lb.

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