The Sennheiser 3D Cinema Sound Bar – uses virtualization technology to create a surround-sound like experience

The Sennheiser 3D Cinema Sound Bar is a German Engineered room-mapping sound bar designed to provide surround sound like experience to your home theater just perfect for any cinema lovers out there who wants to hear clear and crisp sound every time.

Thanks to the sound bar’s virtualization technology, adjusting different audio levels specific to your room’s need is now possible, it even comes with a calibration mic to help assess the different angles and location of your ceiling, walls and even your furniture so you can easily adjust the perfect output every time.

Sennheiser 3D Cinema Sound Bar

This 3D Cinema Sound Bar from Sennheiser produces clear sound using its 13 high end drivers partnered with dome tweeters, cone woofers and more just to provide a precise range of lows and highs.

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Sennheiser 3D Cinema Sound Bar1

This 3D Cinema Sound Bar is unique because it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker while its 30hz up to 20khz frequency response are some of the reasons why you need one of these superior sound bar to your existing entertainment room every time.

You can buy the Sennheiser Sound Bar for only $2,500 with lifetime guarantee.