The Self Sanitizing Toothbrush – the rechargeable toothbrush with an ultraviolet sanitizing chamber built into its handle

The Self Sanitizing Toothbrush is not just perfect when it comes to cleaning your teeth but at the same time unique because it is also equipped with an ultraviolet sanitizing chamber to self sanitize the toothbrush every time you’re done using them.

Thanks to the toothbrush’s vibrating heads, getting rid of any surface stains and even killing any germs using UV-C light will not be a problem.

Self Sanitizing Toothbrush

This rechargeable toothbrush is capable of vibrating up to 36000 times a minute while its sanitizing camber integrated right into its handle are just a perfect combination for that worry free teeth cleaning and toothbrush sterilizing every time.

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Self Sanitizing Toothbrush1

The Self Sanitizing Toothbrush already includes 3 cleaning modes like standard, whitening and powerful cleaning mode, ti even features an auto shutoff timer and 3 replacement heads so you can start using the toothbrush anytime and best of all, it has charging stand that can be plug into your AC outlet anytime.

You can buy the rechargeable toothbrush with a sanitizing chamber for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.