The Self Filtering Water Bottle – Effectively Removes Chlorine And Other Impurities Found On Tap Waters

The Self Filtering Water BottleContamination on water can create unpleasant tastes especially in tap water, if you’re the type of person who needs drinking water anytime and anywhere then this Self Filtering Water Bottle is your best bet because not only it’s made from non-leaching portable stainless steel but it also effectively removes chlorine and other impurities found on tap waters plus it also uses a unique absorption function and chemical bonding to get rid of germs, and the result? Of course clean and fresh water every time.

The Self Filtering Water Bottle 2The Self Filtering Water Bottle also features a unique filter that can treat of up to 100 gallons of water before taking any replacement and it also comes with screw able lids, a flip out spout and a 27 oz capacity bottle.

– $49.95 at hammacher