The Self Charging Electric Bike – The world’s 1st chainless e-bike that recharges automatically simply by pedaling

Looking for an electric bike capable of recharging itself? How about an e-bike that is chainless yet powerful enough to provide riders of up to 16mph of speed?

Try the Self Charging Electric Bike [SOURCE], the worlds 1st chainless e-bike partnered with integrated alternator to help riders convert mechanical energy to an electrical energy designed to supplement the power of the rechargeable battery.

The Self Charging Electric Bike

The Self Charging Electric Bike

This pedal charging electric bike is also packed with electronic control system designed to monitor the bike’s speed so whether you’re up for some steep incline rides or even down declines, this chainless electric bike will automatically shift gears, thanks to the e-bike’s artificial intelligence gear shift system, enjoying smooth rides will not be a problem.

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The Self Charging Electric Bike 1

The Self Charging Electric Bike is built using hybrid drive system partnered with automatic dual winding motor, aluminum frame, dual hand brakes and a carbon-fiber single fork plus it even folds to 1/3 of its size so you can bring it anywhere with you. Cool!

The Self Charging Electric Bike 2

Watch the pedal charging electric bike in action [HERE].

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