The Seated Back Strengthener – A fitness chair that lets you remain seated while stretching and strengthening back muscles in all directions

The Seated Back Strengthener [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed fitness chair capable of stretching and strengthening the owner’s back and muscles while seated enough to help you improve your perfect posture and even ward off back injuries in the future.

This fitness chair even helps you improve your flexibility, thanks to its swiveling seat, unique handlebars and even its pliable back support, following the exercises provided in its included DVD to tone the muscles around your spine is now possible.

The Seated Back Strengthener

The Seated Back Strengthener

This back strengthening and stretching chair is also perfect for maintaining the owner’s perfect thighs, abdomen and lower back and because it incorporates foam rollers designed to massage the owner’s back, keeping your muscles stay loose and providing sufficient blood flow while enjoying a perfect workout is now more effective.

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The Seated Back Strengthener 1

The Seated Back Strengthener is very easy to use, only takes up little space and best of all, it folds flat easily for easy storage. Measures 38x31x29 inches in height, width and diameter and only weighs 31lbs.

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