The Safer LED Pet Nail Clipper – help prevent you from cutting into the sensitive tissue below the nail line

The Safer LED Pet Nail Clipper (available here) is perfect for every pet owner out there who wants to trim their favorite pet’s nails without touching nail’s sensitive tissues.

Thanks to this uniquely designed nail clipper equipped with built-in LED light, pet lovers can now manage their favorite pet’s nail painlessly at home anytime without any problem.

Pet Nail Clipper

This nail clipper is very easy to use, simply squeeze the clippers with an easy to grip handle to start cleaning smoothly, perfect for any small animals like dogs and cats this nail clipper even comes with a nail file for smoothing edges after cutting extra nails of your pet.

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Pet Nail Clipper1

This Nail Clipper for pet is made with the combination of ABS and stainless steel so you can use it years after years of nail cutting and best of all, it also features lockable handles with non-slip features just perfect for use even to small animals you may have at home.

You can buy this Nail Clipper with integrated LED for only $29.95 with lifetime guarantee.