The Rotating Mirrored Linen Cabinet – a rotating linen cabinet with a full-length mirror on one side and multiple storage compartments on the other

The Rotating Mirrored Linen Cabinet is a uniquely designed mirror and at the same time linen cabinet that rotates easily so owners can easily switch between a full length mirror or rotate it to access toiletries, towels and a lot more.

Thanks to the cabinet’s multiple storage compartment at one side where owners can store all their important bathroom essentials including towels, sheets and more while the mirror on the other side will allow the owner to see clearly its full body.

Rotating Mirrored Linen Cabinet

This bathroom cabinet is perfect especially if you have limited bathroom, laundry room or even hallway space because you can easily position it anywhere you want and besides, it also comes with a rotating full 360 degrees spin feature partnered with sturdy bearing ball for that comfortable rotation every time.

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Rotating Mirrored Linen Cabinet

The Rotating Mirrored Linen Cabinet is made using sturdy wood and best of all, it has 4 shelves where owners can display and organize their favorite bathroom linens while its sliding drawer in the middle will allow the owner to place smaller items without any problem. Weighs only 20lbs.

You can buy the rotating linen cabinet for only $229.95 with lifetime guarantee.