The Room Tidying Pickup Robot – Seek and Secure Objects Using Its Special Arms and Hands

Teach your kids how to manage their room uniquely with this Room Tidying Pickup Robot. This room tidying robot is capable of picking up small objects using its 2 special arms and hands, simply allow your kids to drive the robot up and down and left to right picking up any objects it seeks along the way and loading them up into the robots cargo bed using its unique remote control, it even beeps for sound when in reverse. Cool!

The Room Tidying Pickup Robot can also drive on its own, seeking and securing any objects within its 12” sight, depositing it to its cargo bay and dumping those objects by vibrating itself to discharge them from the cargo bay. This tidying robot has six rubber wheels that can glide over smooth surfaces and it’s perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above.

– $69.95 at hammacher

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