The Robotic Wet or Dry Mop – Cleans Hard To Reach Areas Automatically

No time cleaning those unwanted objects in your room? No problem, the robotic wet or dry mop will help you clean dust and dirt especially on hard to reach places with just a press of a button. How? Well, simply allow this robot mop move up and down just like a traditional mop movement or allow it to autonomously find its way, from end to end on your room and witness as it collects dirt and dust perfectly making your room fresh and spotless again.

The Robotic Wet or Dry Mop features a built in terrestrial satellite that uniquely emits signal to guide the robot mop until it covers the whole room space. The robot mop also comes with an integrated sensor to ensure it avoids stairs, furniture and rugs and some machine washable cloths for cleaning wet or dry areas.

– $249.95 at hammacher