The Robotic Toaster – A four-slice toaster with precise browning feature.

The Robotic Toaster [SOURCE] is perfect when it comes to toasting 4 slice of bread in different combinations including your favorite muffins and bagels of course without worrying about noisy and clumsy spring every time you raise or lower the toast lever.

Thanks to the toaster’s precise browning capability partnered with a uniquely designed motorized control, now you can smoothly drop the bread down right to its bread slots using its push button control panel.

The Robotic Toaster

The Robotic Toaster

The bread toaster even comes with a large LCD panel so you can see different toasting levels and the countdown timer and because this robot toaster already includes an audible alert, informing you when toasting cycle has already completed is now possible.

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The Robotic Toaster 1

The Robotic Toaster even includes a cancel button and even a special button so you can select the best settings for defrosting and even for reheating and best of all, it stays cool to touch. Weighs 61/4lbs and only measures 13x12x91/4 inches in length, width and diameter.

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