The Robotic Mop – A housekeeping robot that can be programmed to mop and shine floors

The Robotic Mop >>>[SOURCE]<<< is not just unique when it comes to housekeeping but at the same time the perfect robot designed to mop and of course shine your entire floor, simply program the housekeeping robot and you’re good to go.

This robot mop has 1-touch function and includes 7 different cleaning styles just perfect for scrubbing floors of course without worrying about scratching or scuffing, thanks to its powerful mop that spins religiously for up to 120rpm, shining and cleaning floors is not comfortable than ever.

The Robotic Mop

The Robotic Mop

The robot mop even comes with a smart navigation system so it detects which floors still need attention and which areas have been cleaned and of course its unique sensor stirs the robot away when it detects obstacles specially stairs.

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The Robotic Mop 1

The Robotic Mop can be operated autonomously or by using its included remote control and best of all, the mop can be held by its handle so owners can clean desks, glass, tables and even fragile surfaces.

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