The Robotic Entertainer – An advanced programmable robot capable of simulating multiple human movements

The Robotic Entertainer [VIDEO] is capable of simulating human movements like singing, dancing and even doing some acrobatic maneuvers, thanks to the robot’s advanced programmable robotic system partnered with powerful servomotors, now you and your family will be entertained as this robot performs different actions.

The Robotic Entertainer

The Robotic Entertainer

This programmable robot is even capable of doing some pantomime, push-ups or even stand on a single leg, thanks to its included free application where owner’s can easily create and even custom program almost any type of choreographed sequences, simply install the app to your favorite gadgets using iOS or Android operating system, do some basic or advanced programming and watch as it entertains your guests every time.

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This advanced robot connects easily using Bluetooth to smart phones or using your favorite desktop computer and of course it plays songs or even speaks audio right from its included MP3 player and speaker located strategically at the back of the robot’s head.

The Robotic Entertainer is constructed using a sturdy aluminum alloy just perfect for doing some acrobatic movements and best of all, it also includes a micro USB cable and rechargeable battery capable of proving up to 50 minutes of true entertainment right at your very own home.

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