The Robotic Bartender – Helps you make a perfect cocktail automatically

Planning of having a party at home? Sure, how about mixing a perfect cocktail for your guest? If you can’t make your very own drinks like martinis or even invent your favorite tropical drinks then try The Robotic Bartender [SOURCE], a computerized cocktail maker that is designed to help you create a great tasting drinks automatically simply by touching a button.

The Robotic Bartender

The Robotic Bartender

The Robotic Bartender is very easy to use, simply select a category or even search for your favorite drinks from its built-in drink database and you’re good to go, you can even view the ingredients of the cocktail you want to mix, customize the list by adding or omitting some of the included ingredients so you can mix the perfect drink you want any time.

The Robotic Bartender 1

This robotic bartender also allows user to adjust the drink sizes, increase the proportion of the liquor and many more, thanks to the bartender’s unique mixers partnered with a nice ice bin that can easily be accessed right at the bartender’s countertop and an integrated garnish tray to keep those cheese olives and lemon twists within easy reach.

The Robotic Bartender 2

The Robotic Bartender is made from a sturdy stainless steel or metal and wood veneer, it even comes with 4 casters so you can relocate the device easily.

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