The Roadside Portable Power Station – A roadside assistance tool that can jump start a car, fill a tire with air, charge a smartphone and more

The Roadside Portable Power Station —[SOURCE]— is perfect for car owners out there simply because this power station will assist you in jump starting your car, filling your tires with air or even charging your favorite gadgets with enough power and even provide you with the perfect nighttime illumination if you need to.

Thanks to this small yet powerful roadside assistance tool, now you can go anywhere you want with your family safely because you are already equipped with the best car tool, it even comes with a manual pull handle in case you need it in an emergency situations.

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The Roadside Portable Power Station

The Power Station’s included air compressor is capable of generating up to 150 psi partnered with a sturdy and flexible air hose complete with connector to make sure you have a perfect seal with your tire valve.

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Its included USB port, DC and AC outlets on the other hand will allow the owner to charge important devices including your favorite smartphones so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of nowhere, it even comes with a built-in LEDs so you can use it for illuminating almost anywhere, like under your car’s hood or even giving a distress signal and best of all, it only measures 13 3/4in x 11in x 8 3/4in in length, width and height and only weighs 11.5lbs.

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