The Ride On Robotic Armor – A ride on that allows child to become a robot

The Ride On Robotic Armor [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to transforming a kid into a cyborg but at the same time unique because, kids can also control the robot armor just like a real robot where they can maneuver them in any direction.

This ride on robot works simply by allowing a child to step into its armor platform, put on the robot mask and control its movements using its included joysticks.

The Ride On Robotic Armor

The Ride On Robotic Armor

This robotic armor supports kids of up to 65lbs and is capable of propelling around at speed of up to 1mph, just enough to patrol and guard a peaceful kids community.

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The Ride On Robotic Armor 1

The Ride On Robotic Armor even includes a 5 button remote control where cautious parents can use them to take control of the robot simply by moving it left to right, forward and backward and even engaging a full emergency brake and best of all, it already includes additional decals so kids can add more details besides its working robotic sounds, lights and songs.

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