The Rechargeable Outdoor Overhead Fan – a rechargeable outdoor fan that suspends from a canopy or gazebo

The Rechargeable Outdoor Overhead Fan (available here) is perfect for anyone who wants to add some fan that is capable of providing enough air at an area where wind is below normal.

Thanks to this uniquely designed overhead fan, besides its cordless design, this rechargeable fan can also be suspended anywhere outdoors from your gazebo or canopy because it already includes everything you need including its integrated hooks so you can use it right away without needing a professional installer.

Rechargeable Outdoor Overhead Fan

This rechargeable fan even includes a loop right at the top of the fan in order to allow the owner to easily suspend the fan with a single hook, and because it is also equipped with easy to attach fan blades partnered with easy to use remote control, using the outdoor overhead fan will not be a problem.

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Rechargeable Outdoor Overhead Fan1

The Rechargeable Outdoor Overhead Fan has a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 6hrs of power especially when it is fully charged using its included power adapter and best of all, it already comes with a storage case. Weighs only 8 1/4lbs and only measures 31×12 inches in diameter and height respectively.

You can buy this cordless and rechargeable outdoor fan for only $169.95 with lifetime guarantee.