The RC Zamboni Cooler – A remote controlled cooler that redefines cool while delivering frosty beverages

The RC Zamboni Cooler [VIDEO] is not just unique when it comes to distributing cold drinks to your guests but at the same time the perfect cooler for your favorite beverages because it can preserve frosty drinks for up to 3 days.

Thanks to its remote controlled functionality partnered with powerful electric motor and uniquely designed cooler capable of transporting up to 30pcs of 12oz ice cold cans straight to your guest without any problem.

The RC Zamboni Cooler

The RC Zamboni Cooler

This RC Cooler is even equipped with LED lights right at the cooler’s front face to illuminate a path partnered with 10watt Bluetooth speakers so you can pair it with your favorite gadgets to play music while it serves ice cold drinks around.

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The RC Zamboni Cooler is capable of speeding up to 5mph and can be easily controlled via its included remote control including its directions, lights and of course music from a 100 feet range and best of all, it already comes with different auxiliary inputs and a USB port just in case you need to add more fun to it.

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