The Rapid Photo Album Scanner – converts photographs into digital images without having to remove them from a mounted photo album

The Rapid Photo Album Scanner [SOURCE] is equipped with unique anti-glare function capable of converting photos into digital image format of course without worrying about removing them from your photo album.

Simply rests the scanner onto your album page, watch the converter display its subject on its integrated 2.4 inches LCD and allow its 14mp CMOS sensor scan the photograph in as a jpeg format in 700dpi resolution.

The Rapid Photo Album Scanner

The Rapid Photo Album Scanner

This photo album scanner is also capable of storing the digital image on a memory card or better yet import them straight to your favorite PC, thanks to its included USB cable, saving your scanned photos or even sharing them to your loved ones or to your favorite social site is now possible.

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The Rapid Photo Album Scanner 1

The Rapid Photo Album Scanner is also capable of converting slides and 135 film negatives into a digital image format with 3200dpi resolution and can accept photos of up to 4×6 inches. Simply plug the scanner to your AC outlet using its included adapter or use the included USB cable to power up the device via your favorite desktop pc. Weighs 2.5lbs.

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