The Rapid Dry Steamer Iron – delivers dry steam in 10 seconds providing a fast, convenient way to remove wrinkles

The Rapid Dry Steamer Iron (currently taking orders here) is your perfect device especially if you want to quickly dry steam and at the same time remove the wrinkles from your favorite garments.

Thanks to this very easy to use dry steamer and iron in one portable device, ironing and dry steaming any fabric is now possible and more convenient at home.

Rapid Dry Steamer Iron

The Rapid Dry Steamer Iron

The steamer is equipped with a powerful 1875-watt partnered with sole plate made with ceramic coated aluminum designed to provide a 10min flow of steam without any problem, it even comes with 4 different steam settings so owners can easily choose the best steaming and ironing every time.

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Rapid Dry Steamer Iron1

This fast Dry Steamer/Iron even comes with a detachable 8.5oz water tank and already comes with 4 different attachments designed to pull those fabric taut and even to get rid of those loosen fibers especially on delicate fabrics and best of all, it only measures 8.5x6x13.5 inches in diameter, width and height respectively and only weighs 3.5lbs.

You can buy the 2-in-1 handheld dry steamer and iron for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.