The Rapid Cold Brew Maker – the coffee machine that makes cold brew coffee in as little as 10 minutes

The Rapid Cold Brew Maker is your perfect answer especially if you want to make a great tasting coffee at home any time is now possible. (Available Here)

Thanks to this uniquely designed coffee maker, preparing cold brew coffee in just a matter of minutes will not be a problem as compared with other coffee machines that need lots of steeping time.

Rapid Cold Brew Maker

The Rapid Cold Brew Maker

This coffee maker is capable of preparing up to 5 cups of smooth cold brew and because it already includes different settings for light up to strong or even extra flavor concentration, brewing coffee in just as little as 10 minutes is now possible every time.

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Rapid Cold Brew Maker 2

The Rapid Coffee Machine already comes with an easy to look at brewing chamber partnered with stainless steel filter and a sturdy and detachable water tank and best of all, it only measures 11×7.5×53/4 inches in height, width and diameter respectively and only weighs 3.5lbs.

You can buy this coffee machine for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.