The R2-D2 Wristwatch – An official collector’s item Watch designed for Star Wars fanatics

Looking for a nice Christmas present for your kids this holiday season? Check the R2-D2 Wristwatch [SOURCE], an official collector item watch specifically designed for Star Wars fanatics.

The R2-D2 Wristwatch is packed with an R2D2 trademark colors and theme design just like the widely accepted droid in any galaxy. This energetic looking watch is capable of telling time uniquely, thanks to its red tipped hand for telling hours while its yellow tipped hand simply tells the number of minutes.

The R2-D2 Wristwatch

The R2-D2 Wristwatch

This R2-D2 Wristwatch also features a nice bezel which can be turn by hand to imitate spinning of R2D2 as it makes a winding sound while the blue trim and white leather wristband simply completes the uniqueness of R2D2’s droid look.

Need to check if this droid can present a precise time? No problem, because this wristwatch is equipped with Japanese quartz program to completely produce an accurate time it even comes with certificate of authenticity to signify that the R2-D2 wristwatch is officially licensed by LucasFilm.

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