The Quick Dry Steam Mop – cleans floors yet leaves them dry and ready to walk on seconds later

The Quick Dry Steam Mop (Available Here) is unique when it comes to cleaning floors simply because besides its effectiveness, it also leaves the floor dry and ready to walk in just a matter of seconds.

This steam mop is very effective because it uses a powerful 1200w pressurized steel boiler capable of emitting dry steam perfect for removing dust and dirt even on hard surfaces then quickly drying them without worrying about any streaks.

Quick Dry Steam Mop

The Quick Dry Steam Mop

This mop heats up quickly in just a matter of minutes and can be easily operated simply by lowering the handle in order to release the steam, in short, no more pressing a button or accessing and holding levers when cleaning floors.

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Quick Dry Steam Mop1

The Quick Dry Steam Mop is capable of emitting steam up to 266 degrees Fahrenheit right from its 20oz water tank, it even comes with a cleaning head and a base attachment so owners can clean and deodorize carpets and best of all, it already comes with 3 cleaning pads for floors and carpet. Weighs only 6 3/4lbs and only measures 48x15x8 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy this steam mop for only $299.95 with lifetime guarantee.