The Quad Table Tennis Game – Enjoy new and electrifying way to play table tennis game

You want an impulsive and electrifying table tennis game with your friends this weekend? No problem, try the Quad Table Tennis Game, a new and uniquely designed tennis table that allows up to 4 players to play next to one another all at the same time for that thrilling and breathtaking table tennis game at home or outdoors.

The Quad Table Tennis Game

The Quad Table Tennis Game

With The Quad Table Tennis Game, participants in the game can actually hit the tennis ball against any opposing participant’s table and because each triangular shaped tennis tables are just a few feet apart, members of the game should respond quickly because hitting the center hole to any player’s table gives a server a point. Exciting eh!

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The Quad Table Tennis Game is made of a well built fiberboard and is constructed using a powder coated steel. This tennis board already comes with padded paddles and tennis balls plus it even comes with a foldable table legs for easy storage.

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