The Professional’s Carbonation Fountain – turns flat water into sparkling in seconds

The Professional’s Carbonation Fountain —[SOURCE]—is perfect when it comes to making your own carbonated water in just a matter of seconds, thanks to its uniquely designed carbonator partnered with professional quality stainless steel enclosure so you can turn flat water into sparkling right away.

No plumbing required, hoses, or even electricity and batteries because it works by attaching the gas cylinder in 4 easy steps:

1.set aside the drip tray for awhile,
2.lift the carbonator up and hold it horizontally,
3.screw the cylinder tightly, and
4.put back the drip tray grid

The Professional's Carbonation Fountain

The Professional’s Carbonation Fountain

So how do you carbonate a water?

1.use pure water only
2.fill the bottle up to the filling line
3.attach the bottle and screw it into the carbonator
4.pull lever down till you hear some sound
5.release the lever slowly and you’re good to go.

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The Professional's Carbonation Fountain 1

If you want to get stronger carbonation, simply repeat the process and if you want to save gas, just don’t lift the lever all the way up.

The Professional’s Carbonation Fountain allows the owner to easily enjoy a glass of bubbly cold water at home, it even allows them to add their favorite flavoring after the carbonation, in a glass or carafe. Weighs only 3lbs.

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