The Prismatic Speaker Sphere – A wireless spherical speaker with prismatic LEDs that let you tune its color to suit the mood or music

The Prismatic Speaker Sphere [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to tuning its color in order to suit your music mood but at the same time a uniquely designed wireless spherical speaker packed with prismatic LED lights to give it more interesting.

This spherical speaker is equipped with 12 internal LEDs that allows the owner to easily set the led lights to glow in thousands of different shade cycles, it even allows the owner to flash the leds in time to music.

The Prismatic Speaker Sphere

The Prismatic Speaker Sphere

This wireless spherical speaker can be easily pair with the owner’s favorite bluetooth devices even from 30 feet away and is perfect in streaming music because it is capable of delivering clear sound even at full volume.

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The Prismatic Speaker Sphere is splash-resistant because it is made with sturdy polyethylene plastic just enough to make it your perfect outdoor speaker for your next outdoor party and best of all, it already comes with an infrared remote control so users can easily adjust the styles they need specially when it comes to pumping up the party.

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