The Powerful Magnet Smartphone Cup Holder – its into a cup holder for hands free use

Do you want to use your smartphone while driving? Try the Powerful Magnet Smartphone Cup Holder, a uniquely designed smartphone mount equipped with powerful magnetic features so you can drive at the same time use your phone hands free without any problem.

This magnetic smartphone mount fits nicely right into your car’s cup holder just enough for that hands free phone conversation every time, it even features a cylindrical base that easily expands so that you can fit it almost on any in-car cup holders plus its magnetic head will hold your favorite phone, tablet and even your GPS device anytime securely and safely. –Currently Taking Orders Here

Powerful Magnet Smartphone Cup Holder

The Powerful Magnet Smartphone Cup Holder

This smartphone mount even enables the owner to easily view the phone in full portrait or landscape mode while its swiveling joint will allow the owner to easily adjust the phone whether forward or backward, perfect for that optimal viewing angle you’ve been looking for in a smartphone holder.

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Powerful Magnet Smartphone Cup Holder1

The powerful Magnet Smartphone Cup Holder will also allow the owner to easily rotate the device in 360 degrees, tilt up, down or even make adjustments side to side and best of all, it already comes with a built-in clip designed to hold your phone’s charging cable.

You can buy this magnetic smartphone mount for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.