The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask – Perfect for unencumbered wear even while exercising

The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask is your perfect answer if you want to protect yourself from Covid-19 virus simply because this face mask allows you to wear anytime anywhere at home, at the office or even while you are doing your favorite exercise.

Thanks to the mask’s integrated electric fan partnered with N95 graded protection system, breathing while wearing the mask will not be a problem as compared to ordinary face masks out there.

N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask

The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask

This face mask is capable of trapping up to 95 percent of airborne viruses like germs, allergens and even those dust and smoke simply by getting that clean air and of course expelling CO2, it even comes with 3 different fan speed designed to help lower down the temperature especially around the mouth and nose just to lessen humidity.

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N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask1

The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask is capable of providing up to 8hrs of drawing clean air especially when fully charged using its included USB charger and best of all, this face mask can also be worn even under most fabric masks for extra security. 2 additional N95 filters already included and some washable fabric covering. Weighs only 3.5oz.

You can buy the N95 grade filter face mask for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.