The Power Nap Capsule – Your Uniquely Designed Napping Capsule

Tired? You want to recharge you mind and body to ease the stress you’re having? Well, the Power Nap Capsule is perfect for that relaxing moment you’re looking for because it allows you to nap in a uniquely designed spacious and semi-enclosed resting atmosphere.

The Power Nap Capsule

The Power Nap Capsule

This Nap Capsule is made from supple calfskin leather packed with 6″ thick cold soft foam that follows the shape of the body to provide a free of pressure points. The Capsule’s mattress is longer than an ordinary king size mattress to ensure enough room for those outstretching limbs plus the its frame and canopy helps you block those unwanted sounds and sights.

– $25,000.00 at hammacher

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