The Portable WiFi Amplifier – improves wifi connection signal and converts wired internet connection into a wireless network easily

Looking for a faster and more reliable wifi connection? You need the Portable WiFi Amplifier [SOURCE], a small yet powerful gadget designed to extend the range and of course improve the signal strength of your wireless internet so can browse the web, watch videos online or even join video conferencing reliably and continuously.

The Portable WiFi Amplifier

The Portable WiFi Amplifier

The Portable WiFi Amplifier connects easily to your wireless network and has the capability to rebroadcast wireless signals at home, in the hotel or even at the airport, thanks to unit’s 300mbps broadband level bandwidth, using the internet is now even more faster and enjoyable.

The Portable WiFi Amplifier 1

This pocket-sized wifi amplifier uses an advanced protocol and already includes WPA and WPA2 protection perfect for that optimal privacy you’ve always looking for an internet connection.

This portable wifi amplifier is small enough that you can bring it anywhere during your travel and because this wifi amplifier has 4 hrs. of battery life and has the capability of converting a wired internet connection into a wireless network, keeping up with your friends online and enjoying your favorite music and videos will not be a problem.

Watch the wifi amplifier in action [HERE].