The Portable WiFi Access Point – Generates wireless connectivity for smartphones, tablets and laptops for wired networks with no wifi access

The Portable WiFi Access Point [SOURCE] is not just capable of generating WiFi access to your latest laptops, tablets or even smartphones but at the same time capable of providing wireless connectivity to almost any location where your existing network cannot provide or generate wireless access to your cool gadgets.

This gadget is very easy to use, simply plug the device to your existing network’s internet port and let the device create a private and of course secure wireless connection for up to 10 devices without worrying about ip conflicts.

The Portable WiFi Access Point

The Portable WiFi Access Point

This WiFi access point supports 802.11 b/g/n devices and offers 300mbps signal rate plus it even serves as a repeater because it connects automatically to your existing network and extends its signal and range strength without you lifting a finger.

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The Portable WiFi Access Point already includes a USB port and SD card slot, a 5200mah battery capable of providing up to 24hrs of use, a micro USB cable and best of all, using the usb and sd card, owners can share data between their favorite gadgets easily.

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