The Portable Smokeless Fire Pit – Minimizes smoke output ideal for backyard, camping, or tailgating

Planning for some backyard party? How about camping or even tailgating? Check this Portable Smokeless Fire Pit (available here), a uniquely designed firepit perfect for adventurers out there who wants to maximize the fun and excitement especially this summer.

This firepit is unique because besides its smokeless feature, it also keeps the flames centered, thanks to its unique airflow partnered with perforated holes, keeping the flame in perfect condition without worrying about smoke output will not be a problem.

Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

The Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

This firepit is made with stainless steel and is perfect when it comes to reducing smoke, it even comes with an integrated catch pan designed to help collect ashes and because it is portable, bringing it anywhere will not be a problem.

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Portable Smokeless FirePit

The Portable Smokeless Firepit works perfectly when using your preferred firewood or fire logs and best of all, it only measures 14×20 inches in height and diameter respectively.

You can buy this portable fire pit ideal for backyard, camping or tailgating use for only $299.95 with lifetime guarantee.