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The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer – Prints rich and vibrant photographs in less than a minute

You want to print photos from your smartphone wirelessly and quickly? Use the Portable Smartphone Photo Printer [VIDEO], a small yet powerful wireless printer capable of producing rich and colorful photographs in just a matter of seconds using your phone’s Bluetooth feature.

The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer prints color pictures at 640x1224dpi and because this wireless printer uses a patented paper, printing a 2×3 inches photos is now quicker and more livelier, it even resist fingerprints, scratches and dust.

The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

This smartphone wireless printer already comes with a free application that allows the owner to edit photos, add some captions and effects before printing it wirelessly plus it can produce printouts of up to 20 printouts if fully charged using its included adapter.

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The portable smartphone photo printer is compatible with the latest iphone, ipad, ipod touch and android devices.

Watch the portable wireless printer in action [HERE].