The Portable Smart Television – A 7inch Tablet with Built-in TV Tuner capable of playing High Definition Over-the-Air Television Broadcast

Looking for a handy television? How about a tablet that already comes with a built-in wireless TV? Try the Portable Smart Television [SOURCE], a 7 inch tablet packed with digital television tuner so you can surf your favorite websites or even watch your favorite TV shows of course in high definition.

The Portable Smart Television

The Portable Smart Television

This Portable Smart Television is powered by your favorite Android OS and because this tablet offers 1024×600 resolution touch screen, browsing websites, downloading apps and even receiving over-the-air TV broadcast is now possible anytime anywhere.

The Portable Smart Television 2

This smart device connects to the internet via its included WiFi connectivity feature while its built-in camera (front and rear) partnered with great sound powered by Dolby and HDMI port allows the owner to view TV shows or browse the internet straight to your favorite LCD or LED TV.

The Portable Smart Television 3

This portable smart television already comes with an 8GB storage space, a USB port, rechargeable battery and AC adapter. Just don’t forget to position the device in a nice spot to receive free digital television signal though.

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