The Portable Sanitizing UV Wand – eliminates most germs, such as viruses, bacteria, and mold, from surfaces using safe UV-C light

This Portable Sanitizing UV Wand is capable of disinfecting almost anything including your favorite gadgets, doorknobs, packages and even beddings safely and easily so you can be sure that you are always free from most germs, mold, viruses and bacteria every time.

This wireless UV wand can be used almost anywhere, thanks to its portability design, eliminating and disinfecting surfaces and even those keypads from ATMs will not be a problem.

Portable Sanitizing UV Wand

The Portable Sanitizing UV Wand

This portable UV Wand uses 20 LEDs capable of generating up to 280nm wavelength of UV-C light enough to sterilize almost anything including your toilet, your children’s crib and mat and even your favorite car seat.

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Portable Sanitizing UV Wand1

This Portable UV Wand already includes an auto-shutoff function partnered with protective goggles for extra security and best of all, it folds to 9.5 inches long to make it your perfect travel partner. Weighs only 8oz.

You can buy the cordless, portable UV wand for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.