The Portable Power Center – Provides emergency power for USB, AC powered devices and more

Need some extra power for your cell phone? How about your digital camera or even charging your car’s battery or use it as a LED flashlight during emergency? Use the Portable Power Center [SOURCE], a small yet powerful power station designed to recharge most of your USB and AC powered devices and even jump starts your car anytime anywhere when you need it most.

The Portable Power Center

The Portable Power Center

The Portable Power Center is capable of recharging a phone or a camera 20x enough to give you all the power you need specially when you are away from an AC outlet, it even powers a LED light for 10 straight hours and because this portable power station already includes a jumper cable, jump starting or even charging your car battery without the need for another car is now possible.

The Portable Power Center 1

This portable power station is small enough that you can bring it anywhere you go, just place it in your car’s trunk and you’re good to go.

The Portable Power Center 2

This emergency power station remains always ready for up to 90 days before it requires recharging plus it even comes with an LCD screen where you will be notified of the battery level, voltage and time. Other included feature includes USB and AC ports.

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