The Portable Police Scanner Radio – A portable radio scanner that picks up analog and digital transmissions easily

The Portable Police Scanner Radio [SOURCE] is not just capable of picking up digital radio transmissions from emergency responders but also capable of picking up transmissions from fire and even police responders, thanks to the radio scanner’s unique functionality partnered with portability, now you can monitor who’s coming.

Unlike ordinary radio scanners out there that only scans and pick up analog transmission, this portable scanner is capable of receiving both digital and analog broadcasts of course even from those modern radio systems out there.

The Portable Police Scanner Radio

The Portable Police Scanner Radio

This portable radio scanner allows the user to program and store channels for up to 20 scan lists perfect for storing local and unlisted frequencies plus it even comes with 6 different presets from most important and active channels out there including those from storm spotter networks.

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The Portable Police Scanner Radio is very easy to use, thanks to its object oriented user interface partnered with its easy to read backlit display, illuminating even for those low-light condition so user can easily see and indicate channel activities.

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