The Portable Apple Device Charging Station – simultaneously supplies power to an iPhone, AirPod, Apple Watch, and two other devices

Are you looking for a charging station for all your Apple devices that you can bring anywhere? Try the Portable Apple Device Charging Station.

This uniquely designed charging station is your perfect answer because besides its capability of simultaneously charging your favorite Apple devices, this Apple device charger is also capable of charging laptop and other compatible devices including your latest iPhone, Apple Watch and even your latest AirPod.

Apple Device Charging Station

Thanks to the charger’s powerful 10,000mah battery partnered with different ports located strategically at the station, quickly charging your favorite gadget anywhere you go will not be a problem.

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Apple Device Charging Station 2

The Portable Apple Device Charging Station is capable of supporting 15w up to 20w fast wireless and USB-C charging and best of all, it also comes with an adjustable stand for your favorite phone, charging it horizontally or vertically is now possible. Ready to go? Just fold it flat and you’re good to go. Weighs only 1lb.

You can buy this portable Apple device charger for only$99.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.