The Podcaster Starter Set – An all-in-one podcasting kit designed to give the beginning podcaster’s professional sound quality tools

You want to start your very own podcasting and discuss about your favorite cooking, sports and even blogging? No problem, here’s a podcaster starter set that already includes all the necessary tools to help you start right.

This all in one podcasting kit already comes with professional quality microphone partnered with studio boom arm that can be adjusted anyway you want and a monitoring headphone to help you clearly hear every time of course without worrying about distortion and other noise.

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Podcaster Starter Set

Podcaster Starter Set

Thanks to the mic’s unique cardioid polar pattern, picking up unwanted noises from the background will not be possible because you’ll only get crisp and high end sound every time, it even comes with an XLR connector so you can also enjoy analog output.

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Podcaster Starter Set 1

The included boom arm also on the Podcaster Starter Set is very easy to use, just clamp it on your favorite desk or table, rotate it as needed and you’re good to go and best of all, it already comes with a pre threaded USB cable so you can start podcasting right away.

You can buy the all-in-one podcaster kit for $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.