The Place Anywhere Motion Activated Portable Lights – the motion activated cordless lights that secure to any surface

Perfect for indoor or even outdoor use, these portable lights are unique because you don’t need power outlets in order to make them useful because they are battery powered, can be attached to almost any surface and best of all, it has motion activated feature that can sense movements even from up to 16 feet away.

Introducing the Place Anywhere Portable Lights —[VIDEO]—, a cordless lights that can be attached anywhere, rotate in different directions and even can be remove from their included mounts so you can use it as a standalone flashlights.

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Motion Activated Portable Lights

These portable lights already comes with magnetic backing and are equipped with 2 different levels of brightness, it even comes with a strobe function so it can be used in almost any type of emergency lighting.

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The Place Anywhere Motion Activated Portable Lights are equipped with LEDs that are rated for 60,000 hours and each light needs to have 3 triple-a batteries and best of all, LED brightness levels has up to 200 lumens.

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