The Pirate Ship Aquarium – A uniquely designed aquarium in the form of a sunken pirate ship that replaces live fish with motorized aquatic creatures

The Pirate Ship Aquarium [VIDEO] is the perfect replacement of your old and not so cool fish aquarium that even kids are already tired looking at the fishes swimming inside simply because this pirate ship aquarium already includes all the necessary bits such as motorized sea creature swimming and roaming around just within the aquarium’s crystal clear hull.

The Pirate Ship Aquarium

The Pirate Ship Aquarium

This Pirate Ship Aquarium is capable of holding up to 3 gallons of water enough to handle motorized sharks, clown fish, skeletal fish and more and because this aquarium is sturdily built, replacing waters or even feeding aquatic creatures that every child loves to do will not be a problem.

The Pirate Ship Aquarium 1

Other cool feature includes 2 cannons that allows young pirates to blast away incoming enemies, 3 pirate crew members, one of them still holding a bottle of drink and an anchor switch that can easily be tripped by a swimming creatures.

The Pirate Ship Aquarium 2

This uniquely designed aquarium also includes a trap door right at the ship’s aft deck design to send treasure seekers straight into the watery grave. Perfect for kids ages 4 years old and above, this pirate ship aquarium is very easy to assemble and needs 4 triple-a batteries.

Watch the aquarium in action [HERE].