The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover – Helps remove hair without the painful pinching of needle electrolysis

You want to get rid of your unwanted hair without going to your favorite laser treatment store? Use the Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover —[VIDEO]—, a uniquely designed electrolysis wand equipped with smooth-rolling ball tip designed to help get rid of unwanted hair.

This home electrolysis wand works easily without worrying about painful effects of needle pinching, thanks to its harmless electrical current, destroying hair cells or even preventing them from growing back is now possible at home.

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The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover

This hair removal device employs the same technology used by professionals and with regular use for up to 60 days, in a matter of up to 11 minutes of treatments followed by tweezing, owner’s will enjoy a noticeable decrease of unwanted hair specially on the owner’s bikini lines, legs, underarms and even on the face.

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The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover 1

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover is effective on removing any color hair, thanks to its included LED lights, targeting the skin correctly to make sure you’ll have an effective treatment is not a problem and best of all, ti already comes with 6 reusable gel pads for treating larger areas, 2 roller tips, cleansing and conductive gel, tweezers and a carrying case. Weighs only 1.5oz.

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