The Pet’s Therapy Blanket – help improve circulation for pain relief from sore muscles and joints

The Pet’s Therapy Blanket is perfect for pet owners out there who want to help their favorite dog find the perfect relief specially with their sore muscles and joints.

This therapy blanket is unique because it uses a dog’s own body heat in order to improve and also help the ideal circulation to get that pain relief you’ve been longing for on your pet.

Pet's Therapy Blanket

The Pet’s Therapy Blanket

Thanks to the blanket’s unique graphene fabric specially designed in order to re-emit far infrared body heat, even your aging furry friend or those with ailments like arthritis or hip dysplasia will definitely enjoy a therapeutic warmth of course without worrying about batteries or long cords.

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Pet's Therapy Blanket1

This Therapy Blanket for pet is made with 55 percent of cotton, 37 percent of graphene and 8 percent elastane on one side partnered with 70 percent and 30 percent acrylic and wool respectively on the other side. The blanket only measures 40×28 inches in length and width respectively.

You can buy the therapy blanket for pets for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.