The Pet’s Heated Vest – provides up to two hours of heat on chilly fall and winter walks

The Pet’s Heated Vest (available here) is unique when it comes to providing the perfect warmth needed by your favorite pet especially if you plan a winter walk with them or even providing hours of heat on chilly fall.

Thanks to this cool heated pet vest equipped with 3 different heat settings partnered with carbon fiber designed to help provide an evenly warmth right at your pet’s back quickly every time.

Pet's Heated Vest

The Pet’s Heated Vest

This heated pet vest already comes with an easy to use button located strategically at the vest so owners can easily touch and activate the needed warmth and because it is made with polyester with soft interior, providing them the vest for their chilling body without sacrificing their look will not be a problem.

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Pet's Heated Vest1

This Heated Vest for pet is wind resistant and has 45min of automatic shutoff function and best of all, it is capable of providing up to 2hrs of heat especially when it is fully charged using its included USB charger.

You can buy this vest for your favorite pet with a heat function for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.